ipa - international photography awards, with honouraBle mention.

george’s deeply personal project ongoing - Burial without Funerals (BwF), was given honouraBle mention in ipa's 2018 - deeper perspective category. the international photography awards salute the achievements of the worlds finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talent and to promote the appreciation of photography. the ipa recognizes photography’s leading talents who are creating, shaping and defining the world of photography today. more reading here.

write that refuse transformation performance

legs is a format without curating, a long continuous performance of nine hours, which Brings together short contriButions from a list of artists with different artistic approaches, one after another without a Break or fuss, very direct and effective. visitors can come and go, and stay as long as they want. on saturday august 11, george was one of 49 people to perform for legs nine at grüntaler9 during the project space festival Berlin 2018. undividing photography and performance art in 13 mins to elude regulation and control, the impossiBility of understanding and the consequences of disappearance, roByn thomas opened space Based on melusine van der weyden's invocation text whilst kate hilliard gifted george with queen anne’s lace to leave space. image credit: aleks slota capturing george arriving. more viewing here.

co-a-lism design + art poster

“co-a-lism - against the stream, opposing the invisible Borders” was written By elena marchevskafor for the students catalogue, august 4,2018. lost Bodies / Bodies in space expands upon the paper and george’s contribution to the programme.
... the artists working with this theme strive to stimulate the audience imagination, drawing the audience into imaginative journeys through the sensing / feeling Body. this work pushes Beyond pedestrian movement through our everyday lives and toward the poetics and haptic sense of our own experiences... george angelovski Brings Bodies to the fore in his experiments with photographic techniques and attempts to trim the excess that occurs in language surrounding violence, spirituality and relationships. he choreographs media and materials, images and text. angelovski engages in an imagined visual dialogue, Both with himself and with photographic history, producing work that is visceral and aBstract. his photographs peel Back the first layers of skin and Bodily tissue and invite the viewer to deeper levels, seeking Beyond the Body to reach the residual of the mind. 

poster design for george’s mfa graduation and group exhiBition — ‘co-a-lism’ day of art and conversations. he owe's his surprise to an american cockroach in singapore. more reading here.

saBri idrus

portrait of artist saBri idrus monkeying around in his studio. suBang, malaysia.

giovanni riccardo - australian luxury swimwear campaign

the suBjects positioning helps customise industrially produced pleasures aBout australian luxury swimwear giovanni riccardo.

the strand, new york

here, george tries to link one of tom marioni's visions - artists’ photographs, making the clear difference Between photographs By artists and photographs By photographers with amy königBauer's and honi ryan's challenging notion of performance By exploring how vulnerability can Be investigated in performance and with performing Bodies. he hopes to show us magical revelations when we follow fragmenting feelings and releasing regressive content with suBlimating emotional forms. presently, laura mack would like to write aBout the strand piece in an art textBook put out By oxford university press in the coming year "so students can learn that art is not just something from another time and separate from their lives, But happening now in their own communities."

without a shadow of a dao exhiBition

without a shadow of a dao curated By irina asriian, explores the most Basic of dao (or tao) principals — that is the idea of oneness. george’s feeling alien, haphazardly stranded on earth? look under the surface from the fog will lift series was part of 13 featured artists whose practice leads them to explore ideas Behind the nature, current states of the environment and humans relationship with the animals. exhiBition runs from november 26 - december 20, 2014 at the anita traverso gallery in melBourne. image credit shannon morris. more reading here.

fog will lift exhiBition

feeling alien, haphazardly stranded on earth? look under the surface invitation for at_salon2, season 3 at the anita traverso gallery. more reading here.

gloBelight 14 e

in central, western and southern parts of australia, a Black stone was revered as rare and much prized by the people of the land for its curative powers. often with various purposes, they were looked upon as oBject of magic and mystery, most commonly applied in sorcery or medical use. commonly known as oBsidian, the artifact is extraordinarily dark in colour, extremely Brittle and highly reflective. they were gathered with respect for ceremonial and healing purposes, such as native physiotherapy.

rituals of now, still practice in the transmission of message. an oBsidian pendulum tied to an electrical cord suspended from a pivot can demonstrate the same rotation of earth, the natural physics of gravity, period of oscillation, inertia, and even air drag - But all conclude an equiliBrium position. conversely, a thuriBle with Burning incense is used to purify holy spaces and Beckon the divine creator. fundamentally, this revelation of ceremony gives evidence to neurological patterns of the right hemisphere ( אונה ימנית ), as an ancient engraving of ghost lines that appear Before time has stopped.
the unification of opposites, field of knowledge and the polarised worldview of ilan el and george angelovski profanely harmonises the study of mental function and Behaviour of light through ritual. 

light matter was conceived from scientific and philosophical conversations and was exhiBited as part of the august 2014 gloBelight exhiBition at the anita traverso gallery in melBourne. the second collaBorative process with ilanel design studio and george came from a common origin —  a precipitating cause, something that has joined them, that something is unconsciousness provoked By lights associative powers. more reading here.

px3 - photo competition winner

the prix de la photographie, paris or px3 is a european photography award that strives to promote the appreciation of photography, to discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of paris. untitled, (15 coats of skin) was awarded 1st prize to advertising - non professional. more reading here.

px3 - photo competition with two honouraBle mentions.

the prix de la Photographie, paris or px3 is a european photography award that strives to promote the appreciation of photography, to discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of paris. untitled, (15 coats of skin) was awarded honouraBle mention to fashion - non professional & honouraBle mention to Beauty - non professional.

globelight 13 exhiBition

my favourite piece in the exhiBition was george angelovski’s light Box lukas (2012, Below), a portrait which cycles through various colours using remote controlled rgB led’s which lends the portrait different characters such as threatening or placid, depending on the colour of the moment. this feeling of un/ease is increased Because the eyes of lukas are white as in a supernova (probaBly red eye from a flash which has printed white in the Black and white image), and in the right eye there is a Black spot, an inclusion, a dark star that further disturBs the handsome features of the man. i really loved this Beautiful, cereBral work.
— excerpt from dr marcus Bunyan.

gloBelight is a program of events and exhiBitions aiming to Bring together a creative community of artists and designers working with the medium of light. founded in 2012 By light artist james tapscott, directed and curated By tapscott and sam mitchell-fin, lukas was exhiBited as part of the 2013 gloBelight exhiBition at the anita traverso gallery. experimenting with illumination and george's first collaBorative project with ilanel design studio, lukas offers thoughts aBout taking risks outside traditional photographic portraiture studies in relation to our everyday lives and a radical new way of thinking aBout mix-media. exhibition runs from july 30 - aug 24, 2013. more reading here.

dannii minogue raising funds for natural disaster in australia.

a fund-raising event Beauty gives Back split proceeds Between the red cross flood appeal in victoria and the premier’s flood relief fund in queensland raising aud35000. dannii minogue hand signed george's photograph and fetched aud2000 at the auction. the event starts from 5pm at fog (142 greville street, prahran) australia.

janine maunder

fashioned from the details of everyday gesture, george was commissioned to take portraits of melbourne musician janine maunder. her first solo alBum since 1999, Blink will Be released in 2011.

kris smith & dna magazine

george addressed photographic theory with much deBate aBout visual pleasure and voyeurism in popular culture from star performances to matthew myers interview “dannii’s kris smith” in australia's dna magazine, nº 137, pp 30 – 33, sydney, australia. print is out of stock.

dannii minogue

concept for dannii minogue's autoBiography front cover.

thomas mintsenikos

identity design and project management for thomas mintsenikos specializing in contemporary and antique furniture, artwork and oBjects of value.

lash repuBlic By milan & co
conceived and directed by george himself, he invited aleksandra stefanovski from lash repuBlic By milan & co to make handcrafted human hair eyelashes with diamonds.

country road

george was commissioned By australian retail clothing Brand country road for a visual merchandising & design project.

kenman canteen signage

george was commissioned By martin reid id to make industrial design, exhiBition environment and interior design proposals as well as handwritten kenman canteen signage — a suBsidiary of mars confectionary. more reading here.

Bsg art prize 09 merit award

george was announced winner of the Bsg art prize 09 merit award - aBstract at Brunswick street gallery in australia. exhiBition runs from september 24 - november 20, 2009.

psychopathia sexualis
for melBourne’s red stitch actors theatre, george visually translated themes of psychopathia sexualis with typographic effect. 

other promotional posters included: and Baby makes 7, Beautiful sea, Brilliant traces, down the road, human remains, howie the rookie, love and understanding, the play aBout the Baby and where's my money. 

est est est cookBook - marriages puBlication

george worked on a Book cover concept with Brdar design for a sydney restaurant client - est.