“i interpreted the entries as sketches of your ideas?”.

— polixeni papapetrou, oct 18, 2015

“the discovery of a universe came next — you discerned and wove together constellations of content (themes) and form (practices) to make a world. it is a gritty, visceral world, and it’s lovely in all ways – it speaks of complete cycles of organic life: collecting and retaining transformed to expulsion, death and mourning transformed to reBirth.”

— lisa jarnot, may 31, 2018

“angelovski’s work is spoken through a careful construct of text and visual oBscurity exemplified by the nature of his process. it’s within these caliBrated steps of assiduous movements and decisions that george is aBle to find resolve – the irony in all of this is that there is not an end – nor a resolution. he ultimately answers his metaphysical ruminations with more questions in desperate need of further investigation.”

— jean marie casBarian, jun 26, 2017

george angelovski is a trans-disciplinary artist that works with the visual and the literal. using esoteric methods, the art explores emotions, learning and Balance.

he holds an mfa with concentration in photography from the transart institute for creative research (2018), and a B.des in graphic design from the swinBurne university (1999).

contact: info [at] georgeangelovski.com