the photo review 2019 competition: our Bodies ourselves

the photo review announced george angelovski with an honouraBle mention recipient for the un-titled, 2012 photo from viktor vandals, juried by lyle rexer.

the photo review is a critical journal of fine art photography. puBlishing since 1976, the photo review covers photography issues and events throughout the country and serves as a central resource for the mid-atlantic region. their lucid and incisive articles aBout photography appeal to photographers, collectors, curators, gallerists, educators, and students alike. more reading here.

the san francisco Bay month of photography

with pleasure to invite you to the opening of the san francisco Bay month of photography. official opening celeBration: friday, september 13, 6–9 pm, acci gallery, Berkeley, sfo. more reading here & here

the mono awards 2019

the 4x5 photo of Budhdhika from the sweepers series has received a highly commended award in the people category for Black and white photography. 

2019 competition issue of the photo review

a selection from my viktor vandals series is to Be part of the 2019 competition issue of the photo review special web exhibition, juried by lyle rexer. the online contest gallery will go live in the coming months.

thisoBedience exhiBition

thisoBedience exhiBition at the supernormal gallery will display an alBumen print as my related work with leroy sofyan. in doing so, i exchanged my photographic identity at the behest of the photographic medium. opening night is aug 28 and runs until sep 8, 2019. 101 desker rd, singapore 209623. 

this series of work symBolises the loss of ignorance. for many cultures, the Bolt Brings with it connotations of knowledge and power. however, that is merely an entry point. the viewers must make the journey through the work, understanding which state they are in and want to get to. 

we thought of the Bolt as electricity in the revival of galvanism. named after luigi galvani, and improved on By french neurologist duchenne de Boulogne’s electrostimulation experiments, the new concept (in)directly inspired mary shelly's mythopoeic narrative of victor frankenstein. like zeus, striving for power and perfection, dr. frankenstein's cautionary story of good intentions gone wrong is a reminder that the grotesque can result from over meddling. alBumen printing was chosen because duchenne championed its aBility to exhiBit the truth of expression and perhaps to feel the movement of the soul.

we also wanted to convey the idea that knowledge itself is a responsiBility in itself, almost like a Burdensome weight. what will we do with it? how do we make protopian progress and how do we equip our future selves to deal with it?

the photo of Budhdhika and sweepers series won gold awards in the san francisco Bay international photography competition. the photograph will Be displayed at the acci gallery, Berkeley, california, on septemBer 6, 2019. the series will also Be featured on Bokeh Bokeh photo in the coming months.

olive cotton award 2019 finalist

suBconscious fat, carBo on milky glass, opalotype will Be part of olive cotton's legacy and 2019 finalist for photographic portraiture. the award will Be announced at the exhiBition opening to Be held at tweed regional gallery on july 13 at 5pm. the show runs from july 12 to septemBer 22, 2019.

min-wei tin

sullen and pensive portrait of singaporean film-maker min-wei ting.

capture magazine - australia’s top [emerging] photographers award

the un-finished portrait series sweepers was shortlisted in australia’s top 30 [emerging] photographers, 2019.

angel hearts
pro Bono photo series of re-purposed wedding gowns to help and reBuild Bereaved families in singapore. angel gowns courtesy: angel hearts.

ipa - international photography awards

Burial without Funerals (Bwf) is a black & white large format project. it was given honouraBle mention in the ipa's 2018 - deeper perspective category. more reading here.

suicide/martyrhood performance

in 13 minutes roByn thomas opened the space Based on melusine van der weyden's invocation text whilst kate hilliard gifted george with queen anne’s lace to leave the space.

on aug 11, 2018 in Belrin, my performance was part of the project space festival: grüntaler9 legs nine 9hours performance. image credit: aleks slota. more viewing here.

co-a-lism poster

the a2 mfa graduation and group exhiBition poster was designed to go Beyond walls and Borders, Both external and internal, to explore intersections and overlaps. the artists Believe in the on-going importance of human connection across Boundaries. mapping a moving (singaporean) cockroach was inspiration here. more reading here.

saBri idrus

portrait of contemporary artist saBri idrus monkeying around in his studio. suBang, malaysia.

giovanni riccardo 

a photo illustrating classic no.1 australian luxury swimwear By giovanni riccardo.

the strand, new york

a 4 x 5 negative picture of amy königBauer and honi ryan in performance. they plan to puBlish their work By oxford university press in the coming year.

without a shadow of a dao exhiBition

curated By irina asriian, the 13 artists explored the most Basic of dao (or tao) principals — oneness and our current realtionship to nature, environment and animals. the exhiBition runs from november 26 - december 20, 2014 at the anita traverso gallery in melBourne. image credit shannon morris. more reading here.

fog will lift exhiBition

feeling alien, haphazardly stranded on earth? look under the surface invitation for at_salon2, season 3 at the anita traverso gallery. more reading here.

gloBelight 14 e
for a second collaBorative process with ilanel design studio, we joined ideas aBout light as image and the unconsciousness provoked By lights associative powers. as a scientific and philosophical conversation, light matter was exhiBited as part of the august 2014 gloBelight exhiBition at the anita traverso gallery in melBourne. more reading here.

px3 - photo competition winner

untitled, (15 coats of skin) was awarded 1st prize to advertising - non professional. more reading here.

px3 - photo competition with two honouraBle mentions.

the photo series was also awarded honouraBle mention to fashion - non professional & honouraBle mention to Beauty - non professional.

globelight 13 exhiBition

lukas was exhiBited as part of the 2013 gloBelight exhiBition at the anita traverso gallery. this was my first collaBorative project with ilanel design studio and taking risk outside traditional photographic portraiture studies. exhiBition runs from july 30 - aug 24, 2013. more reading here.

dannii minogue  

dannii minogue hand signed the photograph to help raise over AUD35000 at the Beauty gives Back auction. the event starts from 5pm at fog (142 greville street, prahran) australia.

janine maunder

a portrait commission for janine maunder and her first solo alBum since 1999.

kris smith & dna magazine

the photos were puBlished in dna magazine, nº 137, pp 30 – 33, sydney, australia.

dannii minogue

front cover concept for dannii's autoBiography.

thomas mintsenikos

identity design and project management for thomas mintsenikos specializing in reviving contemporary and antique furniture, artwork and oBjects of value.

lash repuBlic By milan & co
conceived and directed By george himself, he invited aleksandra stefanovski from lash repuBlic By milan & co to make handcrafted human hair eyelashes with diamonds. ninety diamonds; princess, round Brilliance and Baguette cut diamonds weighing a total of 2.8 carats were used for the diamond magnificence lash.

country road

george was commissioned By australian retail clothing Brand country road for a visual merchandising & design project.

kenman canteen signage

george was commissioned By martin reid id to make industrial design, exhiBition environment and interior design proposals as well as handwritten kenman canteen signage — a suBsidiary of mars confectionary. more reading here.

Bsg art prize 09 merit award

george was announced winner of the Bsg art prize 09 merit award - aBstract at Brunswick street gallery in australia. exhiBition runs from september 24 - november 20, 2009.

psychopathia sexualis
for melBourne’s red stitch actors theatre, george visually translated themes of psychopathia sexualis with typographic effect. 

other promotional posters included: and Baby makes 7, Beautiful sea, Brilliant traces, down the road, human remains, howie the rookie, love and understanding, the play aBout the Baby and where's my money. 

est est est cookBook - marriages puBlication

george worked on a Book cover concept with Brdar design for sydney restaurant client - est.