“i've started a little practice three days ago. i've gotten into indos headspace and mayBe it's indus river the blind dolphin about to met araBian sea, But red kumkuma ectoplasm is coming up a lot at the moment. outside of form, i’ve asked a colleague that's originally from india. the devine just recently returned. i asked if the divine could Buy me transcriptions for the forehead. to help define rhythm and movement in poetic expression. and then. what started to grow is now. i’m making the mark of natures’s strain not of my forehead But my Brothers. at aBout 4:00 o'clock in the morning when waking up is no different, i will meditate with photogravure paper handmade with japanese hands. i Bathe its innocence in cut stone waters. pat dry in velvet Black until Bows get on their knees, praying and allowing the work to happen from my temple. it's really strange Because cockroaches previously appear in writing But never on paper. the first time which is not any of these three or in memories sitting in kitchen, looked at me marking the paper, free to access the page and dance its power and workings of temporal things, to the point where, it knows i'm watching.”

the relationship with cockroaches in singapore first happend when george kneeled in the kitchen whilst marking first kumkuma impressions on paper with his forehead. he was following a common cockroach entering papers space as a way of departure and emptying thoughts. taking note of the walking on japanese paper and watching the Behaviour and the movement, he starts conversation with the american cockroach with a question. what do you want me to say? what do you want me to see? what am i meant to Be doing here? whats this all aBout? he allowed himself to do this for aBout 10 minutes until the speedy species ran off the paper’s edge and came Back again and then sort of pause, then continue on its way. with a red pen he was aBle to mix media and track Behind path’s unknown — tracking all its path to make new work possiBle.