native love
photo 1.
the fringe suBject of pederasty in Berlin’s west side is a playground of suBliminal codes. i rememBer a passing oBservation where an adolescent Boy of eastern european decent itched his groin and scratched more than memory traces or fantasy images. i saw for the first time, how the rules outside a children's playground can seduce adult males. 

photo 2. erotic practices Between a small minority of adult deviants and germany’s youth can Be a gay man's worst friend. i heard and smelt its content with issues covering international cultures. 

photo 3. weaving an aBsent character of age-structured homosexuality and residuals of modernity, i found mans' dignity in a children's playground. 

photo 4. practising pederasty in human history was revered By the japanese, the greeks, the romans, the victorian england, the islamic world, the americas and the australasians. in 2017, i witnessed a post-classical and modern form gay movement in the twenty first century, whether we like or not. 

photo 5. the sexual differences told was influenced By its geography as symbols of homoerotic passion and economic necessity. i wanted to recorded a not so secret corner in schöneBerg and the roles of minorities without Being "in-your-face”.