“01v. there is risk in development developing impossiBle polaroid 600 Black & white instant film. as a capture medium in photography, we have no idea aBout the re-active nature of this re-inventive photographic entity. the permanant process is test since 2009, so for now, this unstaBle Behaviour will freely develop in light free environments.

25v. other oral health proBlems, as well as face, neck and mouth aBnormalities act in david lynch’s strange and unproductive thinking lyrics [excerpt] … " Bringing our discussion to the realm of practical considerations, it is interesting to note the possiBilities of dental hygiene and the remarkable idea of a world free of tooth-decay and all other proBlems associated with the teeth, tongue, or oral cavity, which would, in fact, Become a prime motivator for a certain disappearance of fears associated with pain connected with dental applications, and even the idea that plaque could appear upon the surface of the teeth, and the negative occurrences which follow such as the hideous odors emitted from the oral cavity and the discolourations and the resulted perforation of the once Beautiful mental images, and the possiBility of the Breaking of relationships Based upon the idea of negative distortion of the mouth, for teeth, while not necessarily considered one of the primary Building Blocks of happiness, can in fact Become a small sore, festering and transferring negative energies to the once quiet and peaceful mind, giving it over to strange and unproductive thinking. (X4) strange and unproductive thinking. (X3) unproductive thinking.

17v. other directionless form is francis alys’s 1997 performance and video “sometimes making something leads to nothing.”

09v. developed in france during the 1800’s, amalgam is the restorative material for filling the limited depth (hole) in oral cavities to reduce formation of corrosion. amalgam ingredients:

mercury - comBines the metal alloys, silver (Ag) - increases strength and expansion. 

tin - increases setting time, decreases strength and expansion.

copper - increases strength, reduces corrosion, reduces creep, 

low copper amalgam can last up to 5-8 years,

high copper amalgam can last up to 12- 15 years.

in the uniting states of america, gold and filed silver coins were deposited as popular and controversial cements.

george wanted to make photographs aBout something else, But instead photographed controlled non control, expect the unexpected. the story concept and dentures was unplanned yet intensly close to the sensitive information and the speculative science of giamBattista della porta’s Book magia naturalis. the artists’ photograph taken with today’s camera medium recieves wisdom from its uselessness, liability and use in relation to art.