“they meet at earth, felled from the stars. in rem two opposing forces circle. first the adolescent deviant, Blemished with emotion and the other monstrously sheathed in leather armour. each artist unborn. curious. suBversive. feminine. they are concealed By autumn themes and naturally aBandon the will to dominate or suBdue - a learning sacred with imagination. no longer handstitched with shame, she aBsolves him of all his suBconscious demons.”

the thrilling (faceBags) costume does not only show twenty-first century australian jewellery - handcrafted with human hair, cotton and animal skin worn by a living model.

the photograph tries to challenge the form of oBservation, and in a much bigger sense, it tries to Bring into connection different historical contexts.

i literally dreamt one night, the imaginary portrait mixes kirchner's german expressionism, tronie's from the dutch golden age, nudity and truth. the truth Being the integumentary effects of pregnancy as portrait.

the expected mother gave Birth the following week.