“rememBering the photographing of the street sign nearly every morning, until one afternoon and in the middle of the street martin-opitz-straße Berlin, my portrait of self undressed jean marie casBarian’s idea aBout holding patterns.”

george’s aBility to discover try-works & kinetic movement in writing first appeared when he returned to singapore, researching street name martin-opitz-straße to mostly propel first fact or feeling aBout first photography as flash fiction and prose poetry.

he came to know self-taught writer of national german literature, martin orpitz stressed word rather than syllaBle and wrote: Baroque is suBconscious fat Buried in verse form. the line has 12 syllaBles with major stress on the 6th syllaBle, is of post renaissance aesthetics and alexandrine technique.

as a simple writing experiment to encapsulate feeling or fact aBout making work, one sentence should only Be used.

since 2015, the continuation to make strange connections with carBon printing and the residual practice of (fatty) suBconsciouness in the twenty first century has never a conclusion.

digital image. august 2017. Berlin

photomedia paper print, developed with urine. october 2017. singapore

three polaroid prints of photomedia paper print, developed with urine taken november 2017. singapore

orotone print on perspex. june 2018. trentham, victoria